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How to Copy Steam Game from One PC to Others

Written By Allam Sejahtera on Selasa, 05 April 2016 | 02.05

Hi guys, i'm is the one of this blog admin who most addicted to game, i'll a little review the most used software for pc gaming that called steam. Maybe other people know it's as game launcher or game online shop. Steam provide store, market, library, chat, music player etc. Some of famous game which require Steam are like Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Payday 2, The Elder Scrolls Series, etc. Most of these game require big space for it's component in our hard disk, some people who don't have fast internet maybe won't download the game through steam with long estimated time that can waste their time, and the others maybe have friend who already had the game, different from another game that we can easily copy with just find the directory then copy paste to the flash drive. Steam game cannot be played if copied with that way. You must follow these instruction :

 Backup, it's look like resizing, but it's necessary to do
  1. You need open and login to steam as usual 
  2. Click steam in top left of the steam
  3. Select Backup and Restore Games
  4. Select Backup currently installed program
  5. Select the games which you going to copy
  6. Choose a directory where you wish to save your backup file
  7. Name it as u like
  8. In file size u can select one depends on your needs, if u only have 8 GB flash drive or u want to burn it to DVD u can select  DVD 4,7 GB, if u copy using external HDD I recommend you select the custom then fill as size of the game.
  9. Wait until the backup process is finish then open backup folders
  10. Copy the game to your removable disk, then plug in the other PC
Now how to restore the backup or usually people call it paste to new PC
    1. Open Steam.exe and login as usual
    2. Click steam in top left as the step two of backup, but now select the Restore previous backup
    3. Select directory where you save the backup in the removable disk
    4. Wait until the restore process is finish
    5. Open game library in the steam to play it.
It's maybe simple but I wish it help some people, sorry for my bad english , i was 10 months since last time i join english lesson in the school. I only play Dota2 in steam because it's free to play. Here it's my steam link http://steamcommunity.com/id/S8i still limited account if u want to play dota2 in SEA server together just add me.

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  1. So i can say,those games had already steam softwere inside? And those game cannot copy as easy as old way?

    1. yeah, you cant copy the game just as usual, cos steam had cloud sync that will automaticly restore ur previous setting if u login from another computer. it's prevent copying the old pc setting that maybe belonging to your friend ID.


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